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Serial Numbers and Downloads
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 20 June 2016 02:02 PM

Did you know that Pixologic has a web page that allows you to retrieve your serial number at any time?  Introducing:

My Licenses

 This is a very powerful web page with a variety of features:

  • View all serial numbers (license keys) associated with your email address.
  • View the activations currently shown for each ZBrush or ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge serial number.
  • Request a license repair to remove activations that are no longer accessible due to things like hardware failure or reinstalling the operating system.
  • For KeyShot for ZBrush, view any free upgrade that you might be eligible for as well as purchase an upgrade, if available.

We recommend bookmarking this page so that you have ready access to it in the future.  The majority of support tickets that we receive are related to recovering a forgotten or lost serial number.  

The other area that results in a great many support tickets is related to downloading ZBrush again.  

So where to download from?  That depends on whether you first purchased ZBrush 4R7 or you upgraded to it.

  • If you purchased ZBrush 4R7 then your download link is in the delivery email that was sent to you when you purchased ZBrush.  That email also has your serial number.  If you have lost that email you will need to create a Support ticket to have the delivery email resent to you.
  • If you upgraded to ZBrush 4R7 from an earlier version of ZBrush 4.x then your download link is on the upgrade page.
  • If you upgraded to ZBrush 4R7 from ZBrush 3.5 or older then your download link is the same as for those who first purchased ZBrush 4R7 and you'll find the download link in your delivery email that you received when you upgrade to ZBrush 4R7.

For all three of these options, download links always expire after two downloads or seven days, whichever comes first.  For this reason, we encourage you to make a backup copy of your installer after you have downloaded it.  We can renew a download link for you at any time (for another seven days or two downloads) but that isn't very helpful to you if it's late on Friday and you're wanting to use ZBrush again over the weekend.  Having a backup copy of the installer will save you trouble down the road.  The easiest way to make such a backup is to buy a small USB thumb drive. (1 GB is more than enough and typically costs less than $10.) Simply copy the installer to it after you have downloaded from our website.

We hope that this information will be helpful to you.  Happy ZBrushing!

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KeyShot for ZBrush Upgrades
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 12 November 2015 05:53 PM

Now Available! 

Pixologic only provides upgrades for the KeyShot for ZBrush version.  For all other versions (including floating licenses), please contact Luxion's support directly at

The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge does not need upgrading at this time.

There are now two varieties of KeyShot for ZBrush:

  • KeyShot 6 HD for ZBrush has all the same features as KeyShot 6 HD, except that it requires use of the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge.  It also may only open KeyShot files created in KeyShot for ZBrush.
  • KeyShot 6 Pro for ZBrush has all the same features as KeyShot 6 Pro, except that it requires use of the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge.  It also may only open KeyShot files created in KeyShot for ZBrush.

To compare the two versions, please see

  • If you purchased KeyShot for ZBrush on or after May 1, 2015 you are eligible for a free upgrade to KeyShot 6 HD for ZBrush.  You will use your same serial number to activate the new version.  Alternatively, you may upgrade to KeyShot 6 Pro for ZBrush at a price of $200 USD.
  • If you purchased KeyShot for ZBrush before May 1, 2015, you may upgrade to KeyShot 6 HD for ZBrush at a price of $80 USD.  Alternatively, you may upgrade to KeyShot 6 Pro for ZBrush at a price of $200 USD.

Either way, please go to and log in using your Support credentials.  By your KeyShot for ZBrush license you will see buttons for your upgrade options.  Simply choose the option that you wish and proceed from there.

All paid upgrades will give you an upgrade serial number.  This is a special type of serial number that will not function without the one from your original purchase.  Please keep your original serial number as well as the new one!

It should be noted that Volume Licenses only have a free option to upgrade to KeyShot 6 HD for ZBrush.  If you are not eligible for a free upgrade or if you are interested in upgrading to KeyShot 6 Pro for ZBrush, please contact Luxion directly.  Pixologic is not authorized to handle these upgrades.

Happy ZBrushing  :)

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Windows 10 and ZBrush
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 30 July 2015 10:11 AM

You are probably aware that Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 yesterday as a free upgrade for all registered users of Windows 7 and 8.  The tech blogs are all abuzz with excitement about how great the new OS supposedly is.  Many of you are no doubt anxiously awaiting your turn to receive the update.  

Please be aware that upgrading your operating system WILL affect your ZBrush activation.  After the upgrade, ZBrush will think that it is on a new machine.  In order to be proactive and help you avoid difficulties, we wanted to send you this information which will ensure that your upgrade is a smooth one.  For your convenience, it is broken into sections based on individual user needs.

ZBrush Single-User and Volume Licenses (Anyone with a ZBrush serial number.)

BEFORE upgrading Windows, please launch ZBrush and use ZPlugin >> Deactivation >> Web Deactivation.  It will shut that copy down and open your web browser to a page that asks for your registered email address.  Submit that form and then be sure to also confirm on the page that follows.  This will free your activation up so that you can activate again right away after upgrading Windows.  You should not need to reinstall ZBrush after the upgrade unless you've also chosen to totally wipe your system before installing Windows 10.  You will need to reactivate, however.

If you have already upgraded or if you forget to deactivate first then you will likely encounter a problem when you go to activate again after the upgrade.  Upon filling in the Web Activation form you may receive a message that ZBrush has been activated too many times.  In that case, click the button to View Activation History.  This will take you to where you can request a repair to remove the lost activation from your serial number.  We normally process these within 1-2 hours during normal business hours, after which you'll receive an email letting you know.  At that point you can then activate successfully.  Please note that normal business hours are M-F from 9 am to 5 pm, Pacific time.  

Obviously, the best way to avoid issues is to deactivate ZBrush before you upgrade Windows!


ZBrush Floating Licenses (No Serial Number -- Managed By One of Your Servers)

If you're in a company or school environment that uses floating licenses, you have it easy.  Just upgrade Windows and that's it!  ZBrush needs no special preparation before upgrading the OS or after the upgrade is complete.


ZBrush Trial Users

You don't have to do anything with ZBrush before upgrading Windows.  After upgrading Windows you will receive a message from ZBrush concerning a corrupt licenses.  Don't panic!  Just browse to your ZBrush 4R7 Trial folder and run the Pixologic Deactivation Manager found there.  You will see a button to Reset.  Click that, close the manager and restart ZBrush.  It will now ask you to load your license file again and will then reactivate, continuing the Trial where you left off.


ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge

This uses the same activation system as for the ZBrush Trial.  There's nothing you need to before upgrading to Windows 10. Just follow the instructions for Trial users, above.


Thank you for using ZBrush!  We hope that your experience with Windows 10 is every bit as good as the tech gurus claim!  :)

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