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Antivirus Issues (especially Norton)
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 13 November 2019 08:11 AM
Some users are reporting issues with their antivirus or other internet
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NOW AVAILABLE: ZBrush 2020 and ZBrushCore 2020
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 12 November 2019 05:48 PM
ZBrush 2020 is now available as a FREE upgrade for all registered ZBrush users.  Follow the instructions on this page to receive your upgrade. New Users can purchase ZBrush 2020 at the following pricing:  $39.95 per month, automatically rebilling every month until
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macOS Catalina (Updated November 22)
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 07 October 2019 04:34 PM
As of the release of ZBrush 2020, macOS Catalina is now fully support for ZBrush itself. For ZBrushCore, there is a known issue where it will crash when trying to save files.  To resolve this we have replaced the installer available for download from My Licenses.  Simply reinstall ZBrushCore using that new installer.  Or you can download the update
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