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Floating Licenses and the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 12 November 2015 06:15 PM

The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge is available in floating license form.  Here is the information that you need to know regarding this:

  • The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge can only use the same licensing system as ZBrush itself.  This means that if your ZBrush licenses are serialized, so must be the Bridge.  If your ZBrush licenses are floating (using your server to manage them) then the Bridge must also be floating.  
    • If you have ZBrush floating licenses, please do not purchase the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge through our online store.  You must purchase either through a Support ticket or a reseller.  If you opt for a reseller, be sure to tell them that these are to be floating licenses.
  • While the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge license type must match that of ZBrush itself, KeyShot can be any license type.  The Bridge sends the scene to whatever copy of KeyShot is on the computer, whether that copy is serialized or floating.
  • When you launch ZBrush, it will only check out a seat for itself.  When you use the Bridge, a seat for that will then be checked out at that time.  This seat will then remain checked out for the remainder of the ZBrush session, due to the fact that KeyShot does not notify ZBrush when it's closed.  When ZBrush is closed, both its seat and the Bridge seat will be returned to the server.

Pixologic only sells the KeyShot for ZBrush versions of KeyShot and these are not available as floating licenses.  If you wish your KeyShot licenses to be floating then you will need to contact Luxion for this.  They sell floating licenses at a price of $2995 per seat.  If you go this route, then due to the last bullet point above you will most likely want a few more Bridge seats than you have KeyShot seats.

If you purchase either KeyShot for ZBrush version, these will only be able to be serialized.  However, because KeyShot 6 HD for ZBrush sells for $200 per seat and KeyShot 6 Pro for ZBrush sells for $400 per seat you can get a lot of licenses for the same price as a single floating KeyShot license!  In this case, you will only need the same number of Bridge seats as you have KeyShot seats.  This is because you would never be able to have more Bridge users than you have KeyShot users.  You may purchase either KeyShot for ZBrush version directly from our online store.  There is no need to create a Support ticket for purchase of KeyShot for ZBrush.

One other factor to keep in mind when making your KeyShot decision:  The KeyShot for ZBrush versions can only open KeyShot files that were created with KeyShot for ZBrush.  They cannot open files created by other KeyShot versions.  The other KeyShot versions, however, can open files created with either KeyShot for ZBrush.  This means that if you already have regular KeyShot  licenses, the KeyShot for ZBrush versions may not be right for you.  If your artists will only ever be sharing files with other KeyShot for ZBrush users, then this restriction is not an issue and the "for ZBrush" version will save you a lot of money.