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Moving ZBrush Between Computers
Posted by Matthew Yetter, Last modified by Matthew Yetter on 08 July 2016 07:22 AM

Moving ZBrush between computers is quite simple.  Follow these steps:

  1. On your old computer, launch ZBrush and use Zplugin >> Deactivation >> Web Deactivation.  
    • If your old computer has suffered a hardware or other failure that prevents use of Web Deactivation, you can use the License Repair system to remove the lost activation from your account.  To do that, use the My Licenses page.  Repair requests are typically processed within 1-2 hours during normal business hours.  Once the repair has been completed, skip to Step 4 of these instructions.
  2. Your web browser will open to a page that requests your registered email address.  Enter that and submit.
  3. A confirmation page will open.  Click the button to confirm the deactivation request.  This step is very important; if you skip it then your old copy of ZBrush will no longer be able to be used without activating again, but the deactivation will not have properly updated your serial number.
  4. On your new computer, install ZBrush.  If you don't have a backup copy of your installer, here's what you need to do:
    • If your purchase of ZBrush was the most current version, your download link will be in the delivery email that was sent to you after purchase.  That's the same email that has your serial number.  However, your download link will most likely have expired by now which means that you'll need to submit a Support ticket to have it renewed.
    • If your purchase of ZBrush was for an earlier version then you can download the current version installer from our Upgrade Page.  If that page tells you that your download link has expired, please submit a Support ticket to have it renewed.
    • Please note that all download links expire after two downloads or seven days, whichever comes first.  After the link has expired, you must submit a Support ticket to have your download link renewed.  We therefore recommend that after downloading you save a backup copy of your installer.  That way, you won't need to wait for the Support team if you have to reinstall ZBrush -- something that often happens on an evening or weekend when there is no one here to assist you.
  5. After installing ZBrush on the new computer, launch it and activate.  Web Activation will be the easiest method, so if your computer has internet connection (or can be connected to the internet with relative ease) please use that.  Phone Activation requires us to read more than 100 letters back and forth over the phone and can only be done during normal business hours.
  6. If you have difficulties not covered by these instructions, please submit a Support ticket.