Email Activation Instructions
Posted by Matthew Yetter, Last modified by Matthew Yetter on 03 April 2018 07:21 AM

The best way to activate ZBrush is via Web Activation.  However, if this is not possible due to your computer not being connected to the internet, you can activate by phone or email instead.  Phone activation requires reading a large number of letters back and forth over the phone.  This is not always easy and so you may find email activation to be preferable. 

To ensure a successful email activation on the first try, please follow the steps below.  Some of these are steps may already be familiar to you but we're making sure to cover all the bases to ensure a successful activation.  The initial 5 steps should also be done prior to calling us for a phone activation.

1) Ensure that your system clock is set to today's date. Time doesn't matter; only date.
2) Disable any antivirus software that you might have running.
3) (Windows Only) Right-click the desktop shortcut for ZBrush and choose Run as Administrator.
4) (Windows Only) Say yes when Windows asks if it's ok. If Windows doesn't ask then you'll need to change your User Account Control settings back to the default value.
5) Choose Phone activation and agree to the EULA. It will take you to a screen with the Request Code.
6) Submit a Support Ticket with the following:

  • - Your serial number
  • - What you would like to call this computer.  (It should be a name/description that you would recognize as the specific computer that ZBrush is being activated on.  Please do not use a generic description such as "workstation."
  • - The request code from ZBrush

7) You can now shut ZBrush down while waiting for the next step.
8) When you receive your activation code back, go through steps 2-4 again.
9) DO NOT start a new phone activation. This would instantly invalidate everything we've done. Instead, click the splash screen's button for Enter Activation Code.
10) Enter the new activation code from us, which should be accepted.

Important: Steps 5-10 must be completed within 24 hours. If you enter the activation code more than 24 hours after the request code was created, the activation will fail.