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Upgrading for Users of ZBrush 3.5 or Below
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 25 March 2018 10:52 AM
All registered ZBrush users are eligible for a free upgrade to ZBrush 2018.

However, our automated upgrade system will only work with serial numbers for ZBrush 4.0 and above.  If you have never upgraded to ZBrush 4, you will need to upgrade via a Support ticket.

In your Support ticket, please provide the following information:
  • The name that your license would be registered under.
  • The most recent ZBrush version that you have used.
  • The email address that you used at the time of purchase (or when upgrading to your most recent ZBrush version).
  • The street address that we would have on record for you.
  • If you have never upgraded ZBrush since your initial purchase, please also tell us what company your purchase was made through.
Be aware that depending on how old the records are, it may take some days for us to locate your account and assist with your upgrade.  It is also possible that we will be unable to locate your license with the information provided and will respond asking for additional information.  Pixologic makes every possible effort to upgrade badly outdated licenses but we have almost 20 years of old databases to try and hunt through and for obvious reasons we cannot upgrade a license that we are unable to locate in our records.

Once we have successfully located records of your license, we will provide you with a CD Code so that you can create your ZBrush 2018 license at no cost.

Thank you.