Upgrading from ZBrush 4 or Above (Single-User and Volume Licenses)
Posted by Matthew Yetter, Last modified by Matthew Yetter on 26 September 2018 07:58 AM
Now Available!  ZBrush 2018 is a free upgrade for anyone who has ever purchased a license.

Please note:  For Windows users, we do not recommend using Internet Explorer.  It is no longer supported by Microsoft and a great many problems that users have had are due to using that browser.  Please use Edge or Chrome instead.

Prior to upgrading, you must create your Pixologic ID if you have not already done so.  Please follow the registration steps explained in the Pixologic ID section of this Knoweledgebase.

Once you are logged into My Licenses, you should see the list of your license(s).

Make sure that you have the ZBrush tab selected.  In some cases, the license listing for ZBrush 4 may be collapsed, in which case you can simply click the “+” icon to expand it and view your eligible ZBrush 4 keys.  (This includes all key purchases from ZBrush 4 through ZBrush 4R8.)

     Note:  If the list is missing any keys that you expect to be there, please see the Troubleshooting at the bottom of this page.

Click the “Upgrade to ZBrush 2018” button.

On the next page, you will be able to select the licenses that you wish to upgrade at this time.  Most users will want to upgrade all available licenses at once, but it is possible to wait with some of them until later.  Next to each key that you wish to upgrade, click its check box.  Once you have selected all desired licenses, click the “Upgrade Now” button at the bottom of the page.


The next page will provide you with a final confirmation.  You may either opt to select different keys or to confirm your upgrade.

After clicking the “Confirm Upgrade” button, your license(s) will be upgraded and a new serial number will be assigned to this license.  As you may have noticed, this license will not specify whether it is for Windows or macOS – All ZBrush licenses now work on both platforms. Keep this information in a safe place as it can be useful for support purposes. You will also be sent an email with a summary of all your license information.

Now check your email!  The delivery email will have your download links for ZBrush 2018.  (This email may be misidentified as Junk or a Promotion by your email service provider. Be sure to check your other mailboxes if it does not arrive in your Inbox.)  Again, we strongly printing this email and saving it for your records. This system will allow two downloads within the next seven days.  After that, the link will expire and need to be renewed before it can be used again.  While it is easy to renew the link through a Support ticket or call, you can save time by making a backup of the installer immediately after you have downloaded it.  Simply copy the downloaded file to a USB stick or other media.


You can now install ZBrush 2018.




If your My Licenses page is missing keys that you expect to find, there are several possible reasons.  Please see below:

  • You’re on the wrong tab. Make sure that the ZBrush tab is selected.
  • Your licenses are under a different email address. The My Licenses page can only display licenses associated with the email address that you use to login your Pixologic ID.  If you have licenses under a different email address, you will need to login under that Pixologic ID in order to see them.
  • You never had ZBrush 4. The automated upgrade system is only compatible with licenses of ZBrush 4 and above.  If you originally purchased an earlier version and never upgraded to the ZBrush 4 series, you will need to submit a Support ticket in order to get your free upgrade to ZBrush 2018.
  • The license was a cross-platform add-on. Please upgrade the license for your original platform.  After upgrading, your delivery email will give you downloads for both Windows and macOS.  Your serial number will be able to be used for either platform -- or both!  Prior to ZBrush 2018, all ZBrush licenses were specific to either Windows or macOS.  In order to assist users who wanted to be able to run their software on both operating systems, we offered a discounted cross-platform license as an add-on for the primary ZBrush license.  Because all ZBrush serial numbers are now dual-platform, this add-on is no longer necessary.  However, because the add-on was heavily discounted, it is also not possible to upgrade that as a unique license and these add-ons are not listed as being eligible for upgrade.  If you have purchased a cross-platform add-on and wish to make it eligible for upgrade to ZBrush 2018 you will first need to upgrade it to a stand-alone license.  This may be done through a Support ticket.  The cost of doing so is 50% of the ZBrush commercial license price.
  • The license was voided.  This can happen for any number of reasons including:  refunds, merging into another license, platform swaps, etc.  Such licenses are naturally not eligible for upgrade and will not be listed.
  • The license is an NFR (Not For Resale) copy.  These copies are not eligible for upgrade.  You would need to send an email to jaime@pixologic.com to request a new NFR for ZBrush 2018.