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Custom UI Doesn't Save Max Threads
Posted by Matthew Yetter, Last modified by Matthew Yetter on 06 March 2019 08:34 AM
The Max Threads slider setting does not currently store with the custom UI.  However, it can be adjusted at every ZBrush launch through a modified StartupZScript.  In order to help make this as easy as possible, we have even created one for you.

Please follow these steps:
  1. Close ZBrush
  2. Download the attached "DefaultZScript.txt" file
  3. Navigate to >>> C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2018\ZScripts\"DefaultZScript.txt"
  4. Copy the existing "DefaultZScript.txt" in this folder and paste it somewhere safe as a backup
  5. Copy/Paste the downloaded "DefaultZScript.txt" file and overwrite the existing .txt file in this folder
  6. Launch ZBrush and check the Preferences > Performance menu to see the change.
**If you want to change what this slider is set to, close zbrush and open the C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush ####\ZScripts\"DefaultZScript.txt" file with any text editor.  You will see the 7th line is set to; [ISet,Preferences:Performance:MaxThreads,4] Simply change the 4 to any value from 1 to 4, then save the file to apply the change.  Now launch ZBrush again to verify the change.

 DefaultZScript.txt (0.24 KB)