Upgrading from a ZBrush 2018 Trial
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 13 July 2018 10:23 AM
If you have been using the ZBrush 2018 free Trial and then purchased a license, your existing installation can be permanently unlocked.  However, the exact process will depend on your current Trial state.
  • If your Trial is still in progress, the next time you launch it after purchasing your license you will receive a prompt that the system now sees a purchased license associated with your Pixologic ID.  You will be given the option to switch to using that license.  Simply follow the on-screen prompts.
  • If your Trial has expired, you will need to reset the licensing system.  Do this by first closing the ZBrush Trial and then browsing to your ZBrush 2018 folder on your computer.  Within that folder you will see a program called Pixologic Deactivation Manager.  Run that program and click the Reset button found at the lower left corner of its window.  Confirm when prompted, then close the window.  Now launch ZBrush and when prompted for activation you will be able to use your newly purchased license.

Either way, after you have activated using your purchased license, please close ZBrush and browse to its folder on your computer.  Run the program there called ZUpgrader.  This will update your ZBrush 2018 installation to get the newest updates which were not included in the Trial version.


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