GoZ with Maya 2018
Posted by Matthew Yetter, Last modified by Matthew Yetter on 29 November 2018 09:15 AM
With the release of Maya 2018, Autodesk has changed the scripting language used by the software.  Since GoZ hooks into that scripting language, this change has effectively required a full rewrite of the GoZ protocols for Maya.

At this time, we have no ETA on when the work will be completed.  

Please keep in mind that the lack of GoZ support is not a show stopper.  GoZ is and always has been a convenience rather than a requirement.  It merely automates steps within ZBrush -- it doesn't introduce any functionality of its own.  Until GoZ has been updated for Maya 2018 you can still use ZBrush together with Maya simply by exporting your work. 
  • ZBrush can export models through the Tool palette as OBJ or MA (Maya's native format).  
  • Applied textures and displacement maps can be cloned to the Texture palette.  There, they can be flipped vertically before exporting them as PSD or BMP.
  • Once you load your model into Maya you can bring in the associated textures and set up your materials.

Going from Maya to ZBrush is also done using either MA or OBJ.  If you have made changes to your level 1 model in Maya and import the new mesh over top of the original level 1 within ZBrush it will automatically update the remaining subdivision levels just as you are used to with GoZ.