License Transfers
Posted by Matthew Yetter, Last modified by Matthew Yetter on 25 March 2019 08:22 AM

Effective 27 Aug 2015 it is no longer possible to transfer licenses from one user to another.

Pixologic will only transfer license ownership in the following cases:

  1. A corporate acquisition where the licenses are acquired as part of the original company’s assets.  For such a transfer we will require written proof of this company acquisition.  
  2. The current owner of the license resides in a country that legally requires that license transfers be allowed.  (e.g. the European Union)
To initiate a license transfer under either of these conditions, please submit a Support ticket for further instructions.  In the case of a corporate acquisition, please also include verifiable information (such as an online news article) that corroborates the company change.  For the transfer of a personal license, there is a $49.95 license transfer fee which must be paid by the original owner of the license (not the recipient).

Please be keep in mind that in the case of ZBrushCore upgrades to ZBrush, the two licenses are linked and cannot be transferred separately.  

Thank you.