Upgrading Floating Licenses
Posted by Matthew Yetter, Last modified by Matthew Yetter on 09 August 2017 01:03 PM

Floating licenses use a server rather than a serial number.  If you have a serial number, you do not have a floating license and this article does not apply to you.

ZBrush 4R8 is now available as a free upgrade for all floating license customers.  To receive this upgrade, the IT manager or person who will be responsible for upgrading all user computers at your organization should submit a ticket.  We will need you to provide:

  • The organization name
  • One of your license files
  • Choose the Floating License department from the support ticket options.  (It's under the "ZBrush Support" category.)

The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge does not require any upgrades at this time.  Your existing licenses will continue to work with 4R8 just as they did with 4R7.

Updating Floating Licenses from 4R8 P1 to 4R8 P2

If you have already upgraded to 4R8 P1 FL it is not necessary to reinstall in order to get the P2 version.  All that is needed is to download the appropriate updater, which needs to be placed in the ZBrush 4R8 FL folder and then run.  This will update 4R8 P1 to 4R8 P2.  

Mac OS Updater     Windows Updater

These updaters will ONLY work with 4R8 P1.  If you have any other version, you will need to submit a support ticket as described above.

Thank you!