This applies to new purchases and Trial registrations.

We have increasingly been having trouble with delivery emails not being received by users with email accounts through Microsoft's Outlook, Live and Hotmail services.  Microsoft has changed its protocols for mail filtering with the result being that most emails sent from our systems are outright blocked from ever reaching your account.

There is a chance that the delivery email actually is being delivered but is not going to your main Inbox.

Microsoft has introduced a two-part inbox system:  "Focused" and "Other."  Basically, these are separate tabs for your Inbox.  However, most email clients have not yet caught up with this change.  They then end up displaying only emails that Microsoft chooses to place in the Focused box.  Anything in the Other box is not displayed.  This is unfortunately where Microsoft has decided that the ZBrush delivery emails should be displayed.

If you are using an email client/program/application to access any Microsoft email service and are not receiving your delivery email, please log in to your email service by going to its web page.  For U.S. users, this will typically be  Once there, you will be able to see the Focused tab and the emails directed to it.  This should include the delivery email from Pixologic.

If you still cannot locate anything, please submit a Support ticket to request that your registered email address be changed.  We will be happy to make that change.  Submit the ticket using the same email address that your purchase was made through and let us know what (non-Microsoft address) you would like it changed to.  Once changed, we'll resend the delivery email.

For Trial users, you will need to register for the Trial again using a non-Microsoft address.  We can't change the registered address for the Trial.

Thank you.