Users with SBC Global or AT&T email accounts
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 14 May 2018 01:58 PM

This applies to new purchases and Trial registrations.

We have increasingly been having trouble with delivery emails not being received by users with email accounts through services provided by SBC Global or AT&T.

No email sent to either service provider will be received.  We are currently trying to iron out the issue with SBC Global, but AT&T has stated that they will not remove their block.

If your license is under either company's email services, please submit a Support ticket to request that your registered email address be changed.  We will be happy to make that change.  Submit the ticket using the same email address that your purchase was made through and let us know what alternate address you would like it changed to.  Once changed, we'll resend the delivery email.

For Trial users, you will need to register for the trial again using a different email address.  We can't change the registered address for the Trial.

Thank you.