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KeyShot Upgrades (KS 10 Now Available)

Pixologic only provides upgrades for the KeyShot for ZBrush version.  For all other versions (including floating licenses), please contact Luxion's support directly at

The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge does not need upgrading at this time.

NOTE:  Luxion only ever allows upgrades from the two most recent versions.  This allows you to skip one upgrade without penalty, but if you skip two upgrades it will be necessary to purchase a new copy of the software as it will no longer be possible to upgrade.

KeyShot 10 Upgrade Eligibility

Pixologic follows the same promotions with KeyShot for ZBrush that Luxion offers for KeyShot.

  • If you purchased or upgraded to KeyShot 9 for ZBrush (either HD or Pro) on or after 10/19/20, you will receive a free upgrade to KeyShot 10.  You can download the new version immediately from and it will activate using your KeyShot 9 serial number.
  • If you have KeyShot 8 or 9 and are not eligible for the free upgrade, it will be possible to upgrade to KeyShot 10 for a small fee.  See below.
  • If you have KeyShot 5 6 or 7 it is no longer possible to upgrade.  To get KeyShot 10 you will need to purchase a new license
    • Please note that if My Licenses lists your version simply as "KeyShot for ZBrush" with no version number, this was the very first release of KeyShot for ZBrush and was in fact a special variant of KeyShot 5.  It can no longer be upgraded.

Paid Upgrades:

For KeyShot 8 and 9 users who are not eligible for the free upgrade, you can purchase an upgrade at the following prices:

KeyShot 8 HD to KeyShot 10 HD: $80 USD
KeyShot 8 HD to KeyShot 10 Pro:  $200 USD
KeyShot 8 Pro to KeyShot 10 Pro: $160 USD
KeyShot 9 HD to KeyShot 10 HD: $80 USD
KeyShot 9 HD to KeyShot 10 Pro: $200 USD
KeyShot 9 Pro to KeyShot 10 Pro: $160 USD

For all upgrade types, please go to and log in using your Support credentials.  Next to your KeyShot for ZBrush license you will see buttons for your upgrade options.  Simply choose the option that you wish and proceed from there.

All paid upgrades will give you an upgrade serial number.  This is a special type of serial number that will not function without the one from your original purchase.  Please keep your original serial number as well as the new one!

KeyShot 10 Pricing:

The prices for new KeyShot licenses remain unchanged with the release of version 10.  KeyShot 10 HD for ZBrush is $200 and KeyShot 10 Pro for ZBrush is $400.


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