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Where to get the ZBrush Trial

Thank you for your interest in ZBrush! 

You can get the Trial here:

ZBrush is used throughout the 3D industry.  Some examples include Movies, Video Games, Illustration, Figure Creation, Concept Design, Scientific Illustration and Jewelry-making.  There are actually a number of other ways as well, but these main categories cover the fundamental ways in which it is used with at least one of them being a direct variant of the other possibilities.  (For example, someone creating bronze sculptures would use a variant of the same techniques applied for jewelry design.)  We have a series of web pages that cover these archetypical uses of ZBrush in depth.  You can find them here:

For a breakdown of ZBrush’s key features, see here: and

We would also recommend visiting the Interviews section of our website.  (  These interviews each cover a lot of ground with people and companies that are currently using ZBrush in their high profile productions.  You will no doubt recognize a number of the projects found there.  One of the key points that we’ve tried to cover in each interview has been the reasons why the artists choose to use ZBrush and the advantages that it provides them.

Finally, we have a huge gallery of exceptional threads from our user community.  The gallery is at  Each of these icons will take you to a thread where an everyday artist shared his work.  Sometimes it’s just a truly exceptional piece of art.  Other times there’s also a lot of information on how ZBrush was used.

Please note that there is no separate Trial for ZBrushCore.  All of its features are also in ZBrush.

Happy ZBrushing!

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