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(Legacy) Options for Using ZBrush Remotely

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing lockdowns mandating various forms of social distancing globally, we are increasingly seeing requests from schools and companies that need to allow their students or staff to use ZBrush remotely.

Pixologic is committed to doing everything feasible to assist our customers as they transition into this new reality.  

To that end, we currently have four methods by which ZBrush may be used off campus:

  1. If you have floating licenses (licenses managed by a server that you control), it is generally extremely easy to make those seats available for remote use.  To assist with this, we have created this article.
  2. If you have single-user or volume licenses (multiple copies sharing a single serial number) you can temporarily remove your licenses from your on-campus machines and make the activations available to your remote users.  Once the crisis passes, you can then remotely deactivate those copies, allowing you to activate ZBrush again on campus.  We have provided detailed instructions for how to do this.
    • Alternatively, if you have 10 or more licenses you can convert to floating licensing (see item 1, above) and set it up to run from a cloud-based server so that remote students can access ZBrush.  Our floating license solution provides functions to control access, so that only currently-enrolled students would be able to access the software.
  3. If you are a school, your students can make use of the ZBrush 2020 Trial, which is now available.  This Trial is initially valid for 30 days, but for schools we have a method by which we can extend it farther as needed, in 30 day increments.  See here for details
    • Important Note:  This option was meant as a temporary solution while schools still had classes in progress at the start of the COVID-19 crisis.  It was never intended to be a permanent fix and has been phased out.  Trial extensions are no longer available for this purpose.
  4. Your users could each get a monthly subscription.  Some organizations have purchased the subscriptions on their users' behalf while others have required that their users purchase the subscriptions themselves.  The subscription route will give all users ZBrush 2020.1, the most current version.  They are available at a price of $39.95 USD per month or $179.95 USD for six months.  All subscriptions rebill automatically until canceled through the My Licenses page
    • If your intent is for your users to purchase their own subscriptions, be aware that they are only available through our online store and require a credit card.  Debit cards and PayPal cannot be used for this purpose.  This means that many people -- especially those located outside the U.S. -- will likely not be able to purchase their own subscriptions.
    • If you purchase subscriptions for your users, these activate using the account's Pixologic ID.  You will not want to give that login information to your users.  Instead, you will want to provide them with copies of the Windows and macOS installers yourself and then have them follow the Offline Activation instructions to generate a .zreq file.  They will send that file to someone that you specify who does have access to the Pixologic ID login.  That person will then use the .zreq file to generate a .zact file to send back to the user.  When that user next runs ZBrush it will ask for the .zact file to complete the activation automatically.  

Those are the options that we have available at this time.  We will keep this page updated as new information becomes available.  This includes if we are able to provide new options.

Pixologic is committed to providing the best possible customer service at all times -- something that has been true before the COVID-19 outbreak and will only continue during it.  We have already been equipped to allow our Support team to function remotely and so you can be assured that no matter what rules might be implemented for social distancing or even quarantine, Pixologic's Support will be able to continue without any apparent change for our customers.

Thank you!

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