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(Legacy) Subscription Licensing Q&A

Applies to legacy subscriptions started before April 20, 2022.

The most commonly asked questions concerning Subscription Licensing are answered here:

  1. Will perpetual licenses remain available?
    • Pixologic will continue to offer perpetual licenses for all our products. All existing licenses from ZBrush/ZBrushCore 2018 and earlier are perpetual licenses and will remain so, with exactly the same benefits they have always included.
  2. Am I able to continue using my perpetual license?
    • Subscription and perpetual licenses are mutually exclusive options. The sole intent of subscription licensing is to provide more flexible options for new customers. It will not affect existing customers at all.
  3. Are all Pixologic products still available as perpetual licenses?
    • All Pixologic products are still available as perpetual licenses, regardless of whether subscriptions are also offered for that product.
  4. Is the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge available for subscription?
    • This may be made available in the future.
  5. Are subscriptions available as academic licenses?
    • All subscription licenses are commercial licenses and may be used for any purpose. Students are welcome to use a subscription or may opt to purchase a perpetual academic license.
  6. What is the difference between a subscription and perpetual license?
    • When under a subscription, you pay a recurring fee in order to run to the software. Subscriptions receive automatic upgrades as new versions are released.  Canceling a subscription will end your access to the software at the end of your current subscription period. 
    • Perpetual licenses have a higher cost up front, but no recurring costs. The software is yours forever.  Perpetual customers who purchased prior to December 29, 2021, are entitled to free updates for one year following their purchase. No free upgrades will be included for customers who purchased a perpetual license after December 29, 2021.
    • Because subscriptions include new features as they are released and perpetual licenses can only receive new features with a paid upgrade, subscriptions are the best way to always have access to the newest features.
  7. How long are your subscription options?
    • We offer two subscription options, renewing monthly or annually.
  8. Are volume or floating licenses available for subscription?
    • Subscriptions are only available for Single-User licenses. Volume and floating licenses remain available, but only as perpetual licenses.
  9. When can I cancel a subscription?
    • You can cancel at any time through the My Licenses web page. Your access to the software will continue until the end of your current subscription period, at which point it will not renew.
    • Please note that deactivating your software is NOT the same as canceling your subscription.  Deactivation allows you to move your subscription between computers.  It therefore has no effect on the subscription billing.
  10. Can I get a refund on a subscription?
    • Although you will not be charged any additional subscription fees after the point of cancellation, all subscription fees are final. If you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to access the software for the remainder of your current paid subscription period.
    • Pixologic is only able to issue subscription refunds in the case of website error.  If you do not cancel prior to the rebill date, we cannot issue a refund after the rebill has happened.  This includes if you deactivated ZBrush under the belief that it would cancel the subscription.
  11. Do subscriptions require internet access?
    • For the subscription system to function, your software must be able to periodically verify its status with the Pixologic server.
  12. I have ZBrushCore and I want to Move up to ZBrush through the subscription, will I receive a discount?
    • Perpetual ZBrushCore licenses may Move Up to ZBrush with a $100 discount off the regular ZBrush price.
    • Subscription ZBrushCore licenses are not eligible for the Move Up program.
    • Discounted purchases are only available for perpetual licenses. A ZBrushCore user still has the option to purchase a ZBrush subscription license at regular cost.
  13. Can I apply my subscription payments toward the purchase of a perpetual license?
    • It is not possible to apply any portion of subscription pricing toward the eventual purchase of a perpetual license. You may switch from a subscription license at any time by purchasing a perpetual license at its regular price.
  14. If I switch from a subscription to a perpetual license, will I use the same account information?
    • You will continue under the same Pixologic ID, but the perpetual license will give your account a new serial number. You will then need to deactivate your subscription copy of the software, either through the Pixologic License Manager in your installation directory or via the My Licenses web page.  When you next launch the software it will ask you to activate, at which point you will simply select the serial number for your perpetual license rather than the subscription serial number. 
  15. Can I purchase a subscription through a reseller?
    • Because subscriptions renew and update the Pixologic servers automatically, it is not possible for resellers to offer this licensing option. They are only able to provide perpetual licenses.
  16. Can I use a prepaid card?
    • Not at this time.  While a prepaid card is backed by a credit card company, it is not an actual credit account.
  17. Can I change my payment information during my subscription? (From PayPal to credit card or vice versa, for example).
    •  We currently only support credit cards for subscriptions.  PayPal, prepaid cards and debit cards are not supported.  You can change your credit card info at any time by logging into My Licenses and clicking the Edit Payment button.  The new info will then be used the next time the subscription rebills.
  18. What happens if I have a payment issue, like my credit card is expired on the renewal date? Will I lose my subscription?
    • If this happens, you will receive a warning the next time you launch the software. You will have a grace period of a few days  in which to update your billing information.  Once your payment information has been updated, your subscription will continue with the same start and end dates as if the payment issue had not taken place.
  19. Is my credit card information stored at Pixologic?
    • No credit card information is stored on Pixologic servers. We are committed to the protection of our customers’ data and for this reason we use a third party company for all transaction processing.
  20. Does my subscription allow me multiple activations?
    • You can run your software on any two computers, just as you can with perpetual licensing. You can also move between computers at any time by deactivating from one and activating on a new one. Remember that subscription licenses are Single-User licenses. You may concurrently activate the software on a maximum of two computers. However, the software may not be used on the secondary computer at the same time the software on the primary computer is being used.
  21. Can I run my subscription license on both PC and Mac?
    • All subscription licenses are dual platform.
  22. Can I purchase a subscription for use by someone else, such as a parent for a child or a business owner for an employee?
    • Such a subscription will be under the purchaser’s Pixologic ID. The purchaser can then install it on someone else’s computer for their use. This will allow the purchaser to maintain control of the license and the account billing information. Keep in mind that since all subscriptions are Single-User licenses, there must be a separate subscription for each person who will be using the software.
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