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How to Change Subscription Length

NOTE:  Also applies to canceling one subscription and starting a new one of the same length. 

For technical reasons it is not possible to convert a 30 day subscription to a 6 month term or vice versa.  Please follow these steps for how to change your subscription length:

  1. Go to My Licenses and for your current subscription, click the button to Cancel Subscription.  On the bottom of the next page, click the button to cancel subscription auto-renewal.  

    Once canceled, My Licenses will show that status next to your license key.  This will prevent it from rebilling.  Pixologic cannot provide refunds for subscriptions that were not properly canceled.

  2. After your subscription ends, go to our Store and purchase a new subscription for the new term.
  3. Either through My Licenses or the Pixologic License Manager (found in your ZBrush folder), deactivate ZBrush.
  4. Launch ZBrush and activate again using the new license key.

If you ever wish to return to the old subscription length, follow these steps again.  The difference is that on Step 2 you won't want to buy a new subscription and get yet another serial number.  Instead, for that step you would use My Licenses to edit payment on your original subscription and restart it.

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