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Fix for "Unable to Connect to Server"

There was an ongoing issue with the server system that Pixologic uses to activate our software.  An SSL certificate outside of our control expired and prevented ZBrush from being able to communicate securely with the server.

Note:  Floating license customers were unaffected and remain so.  This only affects customers with serial keys.

This issue has now been resolved.  However, it required a new build of both ZBrush and ZBrushCore.  

Please uninstall your current copy of the program, then download the newer installer from our website.  This will be the 2020.1.4 version.

  • ALL 2020 USERS (any point release) can use ZUpgrader to update to 2020.1.4.  Browse to the ZBrush folder and your computer and run the ZUpgrader application.  So long as your computer has internet connection it will locate the update and walk you through both downloading and installation.
  • Alternatively:
    • Purchased copies can be downloaded from My Licenses.  
    • Trial users will not be able to download from My Licenses.  You will need to start a Support conversation to have your download link renewed and resent.

After installing the new version, it will be able to connect to the Pixologic license server.

Thank you.

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