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Sculptris Support Discontinued

As of June 10, 2020, support for Sculptris has now been discontinued.

Pixologic has now released the ZBrushCoreMini application.  This newest member of the ZBrush family is a free digital sculpting solution with a streamlined interface designed to be incredibly easy for users of all ages and skill levels to learn.

Unlike Sculptris, which has not been updated in almost a decade, ZBrushCoreMini is a 64-bit application and so will run on all modern computers.  It will also perform better.

ZBrushCoreMini includes Sculptris Pro.  This is a ground-up redesign of the tesselation sculpting system that put Sculptris on the map.  (Put another way, it does not use the original Sculptris code.  Rather it is completely original code that replicates how Sculptris functioned while also adding better performance and new capabilities.)

As was the case with Sculptris, Pixologic is making ZBrushCoreMini free for everyone to use.  We would like to encourage all Sculptris users to switch to ZBrushCoreMini.

If you wish to continue using Sculptris you may certainly do so.  However, it will no longer be available for download and Pixologic is not providing technical support for it any longer.  

Thank you to the Sculptris community for your ongoing passion for digital sculpting!  We look forward to seeing what you do with ZBrushCoreMini!

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