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Data Removal Requests

GDPR is a new law that establishes a series of rights to the natural persons (data owners) who’s data Pixologic stores within it systems. This law is only extended to EU natural persons, however it is our intention to extend these new rights to ALL data owners who’s data is stored within Pixologic systems.

GDPR also establishes clear boundaries around the capture of data based on ‘consent’. Given that the majority of the interactions Pixologic has is of a services nature, there is a clear basis for ‘contractual obligation’ as the main form of consent. However, that consent is not indefinite.

  • While a data owner has a valid contract (in other words, software license), their data must remain within our systems.
  • While a data owner has the potential to chargeback, request a refund or somehow challenge a financial transaction then their data must remain within our systems.
  • While a data owner’s financial transaction can/could form part of any financial, business or legal reporting which Pixologic needs to make to any of the myriad agencies in the various jurisdictions in which we operate, then their data must remain within our systems (the maximum period for this has been determined to be 10 years).

In other words, GDPR does not mean that we must delete all data at your request. Quite the opposite. We are legally required to maintain a record of the purchase itself for 10 years, along with any other data that has to do with the provenance of your license – including the various email addresses that you might have used in association with your license over the last 10 years and all Support conversations/tickets pertaining thereto.

Trial registrations must also be maintained.  While no financial information changes hands as part of a Trial registration, a Trial account is a valid contract between us and the end user to provide use of the software for the period of the Trial.  It also includes an obligation by the user to function within the rules defined by the Trial system.  In other words, only one Trial per user for any given software version.  However, in the case of a Trial registration that obligation ends at the time that a new Trial version is released.  This means that we are not required to maintain records for 10 years and can delete data concerning Trial registrations after a new Trial version has been released.

The Maxon Privacy Policy is found here.  This explains in detail what information we collect as well as how we use that information.

Should you wish to have your personal information deleted, you have that right so long as it does not violate the conditions under which we are legally required to maintain records of such information.  If your data is of a nature that we are allowed to delete it, please submit such requests by sending an email to  

Please note that a Support conversation cannot be used to make such requests due to the fact that the act of replying to a conversation perpetuates the very data that you are requesting to have deleted.

Thank you.

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