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Wacom Intuos3D Bundle - How to Get the Copy of ZBrushCore

As of October 1, 2021, Wacom and Pixologic are offering a 90 day trial of ZBrush® with all new Cintiq 16 and Cintiq 22 purchases.  Click Here for instructions for how to receive your copy of ZBrush.  

IMPORTANT:  As of Aug 1, 2020 Wacom has discontinued inclusion of      ZBrushCore with their Intuos 3D tablet.  When you register your tablet with  Wacom, you now receive a free copy of another software that is not  published by Pixologic.

 Unfortunately, if Wacom does not provide you with a code to receive  ZBrushCore there is nothing that we can do to help.  Even though the box  that your tablet arrives in most likely says that you receive ZBrushCore, we  do not have the ability to honor that.  Wacom is responsible for the packaging  and for any claims on it, as well as for honoring those claims.  

If Wacom provides you with a CD Code for ZBrushCore we will gladly honor it.  Simply go to to redeem your code.  It will give you a copy of ZBrushCore, which you can then immediately upgrade to ZBrushCore 20xx via the My Licenses page.  Once upgraded, you will be able to download from that same page.

WARNING REGARDING SECOND HAND PURCHASES:  The ZBrushCore software bundled with the Intuos 3D tablet is licensed to the person who registers the tablet and redeems the CD Code.  Once that CD code has been redeemed, the license is no longer able to be transferred to anyone else except where required by law.  See our License Transfer policy.  This means that if you have purchased an Intuos 3D tablet second hand, you most likely will not be able to receive ZBrushCore as that license is still owned by the original purchaser of the tablet.

Thank you!

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