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Legacy Topics and Categories

Now that ZBrush has become part of Maxon One and sales are being handled through the Maxon store, we are updating the Knowledgebase in order to best support both new customers purchasing on or after April 20, 2022 and existing customers who have licenses before that date.

Many Support categories will therefore now have a new "Legacy" subcategory.  This will contain topics specific to licenses purchased before April 20, 2022.  If your license falls under that category, please check the "Legacy" section first.

This also applies to ZBrushCore and ZBrushCoreMini, which have not yet been migrated to the Maxon system.

Topics not in a Legacy category either apply specifically to people who have purchased through the Maxon store or to both Maxon and Legacy customers.

As we continue to integrate with Maxon, legacy customer data will eventually be migrated to the Maxon systems but until that can be done it is important to use the correct resources based on when you purchased your license.

Thank you!

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