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FAQ Regarding Maxon Email to Legacy Perpetual License Users

Maxon has been sending emails to people who have ZBrush perpetual licenses purchased from Pixologic (what we now call "Legacy" licenses).  These emails are offering a 50% discount for an annual subscription to either ZBrush or Maxon One.

This article is to answer the questions that have been asked as a result of the emails.



Q: Is this a real email?  It looks like it could be a phishing attempt.

A: It is real.  Maxon is using a Microsoft form to facilitate processing the discounted purchase, but it is not a phishing attempt.  Any information entered will only be received by Maxon.


Q: Is the 50% discount permanent?

A: Only the initial purchase is discounted.  Renewals after the first year will be at regular price.


Q: Can I get a discounted monthly subscription?

A: This offer is only for annual subscriptions.


Q: If I take advantage of the offer, does it kill my perpetual license?

A: No.  Your perpetual license remains yours and will continue to be supported.  Just be aware that the subscription and perpetual license will remain separate.  Upgrades received as part of the subscription will not apply to the perpetual license.  If you ever cancel your subscription and fall back to the perpetual license, you should export from your subscription version any files that you plan to continue working with.  Otherwise, you won't be able to open them in the perpetual license copy, which will remain at ZBrush 2022 unless you choose to purchase a perpetual license upgrade to the newer ZBrush version.


Q: Will perpetual licenses be able to be upgraded?

A: Yes!  Maxon offers perpetual licenses for nearly all of our software, including Cinema 4D itself.  Maxon believes strongly in the value of subscriptions but is not abandoning perpetual licenses.  If you don't switch to the subscription model, you will still be able to use and upgrade your perpetual license.


Q: How much are upgrades for perpetual licenses?

A: Maxon has not announced this yet and most likely will not do so until the first upgrade is released.  From looking at the rest of the Maxon family of products, we do know that upgrading a perpetual license can be expected to cost more than an annual subscription.


Q: What is the value of a subscription?

A: Perpetual licenses are only for the purchased version.  To get new features or updates beyond critical bug fixes, they must wait for a paid upgrade to be available.  Subscriptions are a service.  They are able to receive updates at any time.  An example of where this can be expected to make a difference would be with GoZ.  When the publisher of a GoZ- enabled application supported by Maxon (for example, Maya) releases a new version, it can break GoZ.  For subscription users, Maxon will be able to release a GoZ update as soon as it is ready.  For perpetual license users, the update will have to wait to be part of the next paid upgrade.  


Q: Why would I buy this now when I already have ZBrush 2022?  

A: The next version of ZBrush is in development.  We usually announce it during our annual ZBrush Summit event in late September or early October.  Yes, by purchasing the subscription now you are essentially paying for what you already have.  However, 50% off the first year basically makes this next upgrade a terrific value when it comes out.  Also, if you have been interested in Cinema 4D or any of the rest of the Maxon One family of software, the discounted Maxon One subscription will give you all of that.  Even if you ultimately decide not to continue with Maxon One, you can always switch to a ZBrush-only subscription when the promotional year is ending.

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