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(Legacy) Unable to Communicate with the Pixologic Servers

With the exception of ZBrushCoreMini or floating licenses, Pixologic products need to be able to communicate with our server every so often.  Any copy of ZBrush or ZBrushCore must connect the first time in order to activate.  Subscriptions also need to communicate periodically in order to verify the subscription status.

You may sometimes encounter a situation where upon launching ZBrush it informs you that it is unable to communicate with the Pixologic servers in order to verify the license.  If this happens, please try the following:

  1. Verify that your computer is connected to the internet.  
  2. Check your firewalls to ensure that nothing is blocking any ZBrush or Pixologic items.  
  3. Try waiting.  It is possible that the activation server is currently being restarted or that there is a temporary DNS issue that is blocking normal communications.  A server restart only needs about 15 minutes but a DNS issue is totally outside Pixologic's control and will resolve itself within about 6 hours as the internet adapts to work around the faulty DNS server.

Regarding firewalls, we have seen reports where a Windows update turned on the Microsoft Security firewall rather than continuing to use a third party firewall.  Please check your computer's security settings and ensure that any ZBrush or Pixologic communication is enabled in the Windows firewall in addition to any firewall that comes with your third party antivirus package.

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