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ZBrush 4R5 Now Available for Floating License Upgrades
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 13 February 2013 02:51 PM

We have now released the floating license client for ZBrush 4R5.  This client is the same version as that which is available to serialized users.  This means that files are 100% compatible between the floating and serialized versions -- an important consideration for schools with students who own licenses of their own or companies that work with outside vendors.

The ZBrush 4R5 FL upgrade will require modifications to the server as well as installation of the new clients.  This accomplishes three key things:

  1. Our license is now compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of RLM.  If you are already running a 64-bit RLM installation it is no longer necessary to have a separate 32-bit copy funning for ZBrush.  If you currently have a 32-bit version of RLM and wish to switch to 64-bits, that is possible as well.  
  2. A bug has been fixed that could cause the server to continue to reserve a seat long after the client has disconnected.  This means that your license pool will be much more stable and not require the same amount of oversight.
  3. An ISV-level settings file has been added that allows you to customize how RLM works with the ZBrush licenses.

Because the server requires upgrade in addition to the clients, the old .dll and/or .lib files from previous ZBrush floating license releases will no longer work.  However, the new files that we create for you will be compatible with not only 4R5 but previous and future releases.  This is the best solution for both backward and forward compatibility.

To upgrade, please submit a Support ticket:

  • Choose the Floating Licenses department.  
  • Be sure to include the company name that your floating licenses would be found under.  
  • If your company has multiple locations/divisions we will need to know the exact one that you represent so that we can get the correct files created for you.