Antivirus Issues (especially Norton)
Posted by Matthew Yetter on 13 November 2019 08:11 AM
Some users are reporting issues with their antivirus or other internet security software.  These issues include not allowing downloads to begin with, corrupting the installer as it downloads, or quarantining certain files after installation.

It is recommended to temporarily suspend all antivirus software (including Windows Defender) before you begin downloading ZBrush.  Leave it disabled during download, installation and activation.

For Norton users, this alone will not be sufficient due to its Download Intelligence module.  See this link for instructions on how to suspend that feature.  Until you have done so, Norton will not currently allow the ZBrush 2020 installer to even begin downloading from My Licenses. You will also likely have to suspend Norton Safe Search.

After installation, the ZLogger application may be reported as a virus.  Please be assured that this is NOT the case.

With the release of ZBrush 2020 we have introduced a crash reporting tool which is called ZLogger.  This tool serves two purposes:
  1. If ZBrush crashes, it launches a few seconds later to gather diagnostic information.  You are then able to send that information to Pixologic.  Over time, this information will help us identify where there are issues in ZBrush.
  2. If you submit a Support ticket where we need to get information about your system and your ZBrush installation, we can request that you run ZLogger.  This will give us much more detailed information with much less effort on your part.

Please see for full information concerning this new feature.

ZLogger is NOT malware.  It does not collect any of your personal information or make any changes to your computer.  It is strictly a diagnostic tool to help us provide better support for you. 

Unfortunately, it takes time for the various antivirus software developers to learn that new programs are safe.  If your antivirus software reports ZLogger as a false positive, please use any features that your antivirus software might offer to let its developer know.  For example, Avast has a feature to submit the file to Avast so that they can verify that it's safe and add it to their white list.  

Your antivirus software may also quarantine the file.  If that happens, it won't be able to do what it's supposed to do.  Please move it back to its correct location in the ZBrush 2020\Troubleshoot Help folder.